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70 hoodies will be sold in total as NFTs, redeemable for luxury real-world hoodies, for 0.08 in the first ever BoY merch drop. Sale Details

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About The Books of Ye

Now more than ever, to merely believe in something is to fulfill its prophecy. Nowhere is this better exemplified than by the NFT, a machine that translates hype into concrete value via code.

Brought to you by the minds behind the 2015 viral phenomenon, The Book of Yeezus, The Books of Ye is a brand3 — a vision from a future in which NFTs are the key vessel of creative expression.

The Books of Ye are physical-digital-linked assets designed by a collective of award-winning 2D and 3D artists and creative coders, and presented as original multimedia experiences. Each revolves around the Books of Moses, but where each instance of “God” is replaced with “Kanye”, or rather, “Ye”, and each explores a new aspect of the novel power dynamics brought on by an era in which hype has arisen to become the preeminent currency: Those who make believe make reality.

While a card isn’t a pre-requisite for some drops, owners of a BoY membership card enjoy privileged access to these experiences, such as complementary drops, early access to sales, and member-only art exhibits. At the first card sale event, Genesis, 200 cards were sold for 0.3 .

A Few Clippings From
The Book of Yeezus

The Books

Five exquisitely-crafted 1 of 1 Books each containing five hand-crafted, full-color illustrations and presented in a boutique viewing room featuring an original “bardcore” soundtrack will be auctioned off at a later date.


To Be Announced


To Be Announced


To Be Announced


To Be Announced

The Cards

The twenty-five Book illustrations will also be sold as separate NFTs in the form of 3D cards over a series of five sales.

There are four color variants in total, each offered in differing editions, making 1,000 Cards in total:


For those interested in acquiring a Gold card, speed is of the essence.
We recommend attaining a Pre-Sale spot.

Art is the Utility

Assetholders will enjoy access to unique, original artistic experiences and community-building offerings. More broadly, we envision The Books of Ye deepening the NFT community’s connection to the world of fine arts and artistic concepts and history.

Exclusive Art Experiences

Asset-owners can access a series of upcoming original artistic experiences, both in the virtual and real worlds.

Viewing Rooms

The BoY viewing rooms, available for both Books and Cards, is the first of its kind, allowing asset-owners to interact with their 3D asset and read the foreword in real-time.

AR Partnerships

Partnership with companies like Treasure Chest mean BoY assets can be viewed and manipulated in AR.


Asset-owning equates to membership to a forum for artistic learning and expression, including talks with thought-leaders and colloquia.

More, More, More

Asset-owners get instant Pre-Sale access and the ability to gift Pre-Sale spots for the coming sales and auctions.

The Viewing Room
& AR

The BoY Viewing Room is the first of its kind. It was designed and programmed boutique to provide BoY Book and Card owners a way to enjoy and interact with their asset privately. Stored on a public URL, users must authenticate via their wallet to be granted access. Already a cardholder? Access your viewing room here.

All BoY assets will also be viewable and interactive in their full 3D-glory in AR thanks to our partnership with Treasure Chest.

The Team

BoY is a collaboration of over a dozen award-winning artists whose past projects include work for, among others: